The Artist

Sarah Wilkes

Sarah Wilkes is a classically trained artist whose creative construction revolves around realism, abstract expressionism, and the blending of both. Wilkes disrupts her natural draw towards realism, captured in a limited, monochromatic color palette, by incorporating a strong, abstract, textured background, thereby making the subject the primary focal point and encouraging viewer connection and interpretation.

A Sewanee, Tennessee native, Wilkes holds a B.A. in Art, with a concentration in painting, from Wittenberg University. In addition, she has studied painting at The Kansas City Art Institute, The University of the South, and Pratt Institute in New York City. Wilkes’s studio is on her farm in Leiper's Fork, where she also lives with her husband, Matt, their son, Jackson, and their two dogs, Boone and Bailey.


Featured Artist of the Year, Camelback Gallery, 2022

Featured Artist of the Year, Camelback Gallery, 2021

Artist of the Month, Damico Gallery, 2020

Sarah Wilkes Has Her Head in the Clouds, Launch Engine, 2020